Don’t Go Solar!

Don’t Go Solar…without reading this… “Solar isn’t efficient enough, I should wait.” It’s true that solar becomes more efficient as new technologies are introduced, however, the gains are only moderate. It simply makes sense to move to a cheaper, cleaner, energy source...
Solar Panels Increase Your Home Value

The Cost of Solar Panels For Your Home – and how to pay for them.

I want Solar Panels – How Do I Pay for Them? With the rising cost of electricity and the seemingly monopolistic relationship many have with current providers, it’s now small wonder that cost savings is the top reason homeowners across the country are going solar. Not...

Residential Solar Leasing, The No Cost Solar Option

Buying vs. leasing, it’s a decision almost everyone makes at some time in their lives. Be it a car, a home, or even a solar energy system. So what is solar leasing?  As with any lease, you do not own the solar energy system attached to your home. Instead of using the energy...
Posted On 01 Apr 2014