Do Solar Panels Work at Night?

Picture this: You’re up at midnight watching the recent blockbuster you’ve been dying to see. It’s the final showdown between villain and hero. Everyone is on the edge of her seat. And then…the power clicks off. Wonderful. A power outage can be a source of concern for...
Posted On 12 Jul 2018
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The Future of Solar Roads in the U.S.

We’ve been hearing whispered rumors of solar roads for almost ten years. Where are they? Is there a future for solar roads? Although roads haven’t made a widespread appearance, a handful of universities and organizations have experimented with photovoltaic pavement including...
Posted On 09 Jul 2018
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Lemons, Solar Power, and Supercars

When life gives you 1,232 lemons, grab a homemade zip line and some energy from the sun and build a solar-powered mega car that crushes track records. At least that’s what former NASA engineer Mark Rober decided to do. And it worked.   On assignment from Volkswagen, Rober...
Posted On 05 Jul 2018
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#1 Reason to Go Solar in 2018

In late 2015 prospective solar customers were given a Christmas present—a hefty tax credit for the installation of solar panels. Thank you, Congress. Regardless of your current interest in converting your energy source, hearing the words “tax credit” should cause your ears to...
Posted On 27 Jun 2018
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